Frequently asked questions about Ballet Strong

What is Ballet Strong?

The perfect program for novice and skilled dancers alike. This program helps develop and perfect your technique, artistry, and strength throguh classes and workouts designed to address each facet of your training. We have 7 classes a week delivered via zoom ​Ballet technique Ballet Artistry Ballet Strength Pilates Yoga Ballet Masterclass​ These classes all work together to deliver the necessary elements for success in your training and are complimented by a custom designed strenfgth program delivered by our custom app which you can do anytime anywhere!

How is the program delivered?

The Ballet Strong strength program is delivered via an app with video demonstrations of all exercises. All of our classes are delivered via live stream with recordings becoming available 24 hours after the live stream in our member's portal.

How much time should be devoted to the program each day?

30 minutes a day is all that's needed for the strength program, though this is completely scalable depending on your current workload. None of the classes are compulsory, but they are all designed to compliment each other. Each of the Ballet Strong group classes will draw on exercises that are in the app.

How much is the program and what do I get for the subscription?

It's 50 AUD/week and you get access to the workout app, all classes, and all workshops we deliver for the duration of your membership.